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Riding Lights is raring to take you on a whirlwind trip through this No.1 best-selling library and out the other side into 2022! It’s that adventurous middle eastern trip you’ve always craved – starting in the gorgeous gardens of Eden (an area of outstanding natural beauty) and ascending via any number of historic people, heritage sites and blockbusting stories about men, women and God. Before finishing with an amazing wide-screen glimpse into the end of time. Hold onto your seats and enjoy vivid extracts exploding into action as the Word gets down to Earth and mixes it with human beings. There’s wit, wisdom, faith and folly, as well as… a remarkable Welsh gift to the world. In classic Riding Lights style, with vitality, respect and moments of glorious humour, you will be treated to jewels from the big book, as well as less familiar gems from parts that perplex or inspire the church today.


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