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Jane is dangerously bored. Joe doesn’t understand her existential crisis. Fran’s spiritual awakening came courtesy of a hairdryer in the bath. How far will Jane go to make something, anything, happen? When value is measured in clicks and likes, who is she if nothing ever does?

Happenings is a black comedy, which descends into an uncomfortably close view of three thirty-somethings who are feeling distinctly short changed by life. It’s hard to evaluate how bad things are when you live under the shadow of the infamous Beachy Head cliffs. Things aren’t great, but they’re ok…right? Fran claims to have reached a higher state of consciousness, and Joe buries his head in the sand. It’s Jane who can’t breathe. The monotony, the boredom, the lack of insta-worthy posts… Life doesn’t seem this dull for anyone else. She needs to make something happen. Otherwise… what’s the point?


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