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05/12 2022 12:00am
National Trust: Hadrian's Wall & Housesteads Fort Bardon Mill HEXHAM
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Join us as we celebrate 1900 years since the building of Hadrian’s Wall. 2022 will see hundreds of events and activities taking place in a yearlong festival across Hadrian’s Wall, from Tyneside in the East, across the centre, through Carlisle and down the Solway coast in the West. Embrace the last of the dark nights of winter as you meander through a city of light, immerse yourself in live outdoor performance or visit one of many exhibitions or talks. As Spring arrives, take a walk on the wild side of the Wall, or go back in time as you watch a re-enactment or simply reflect in front of a mesmerising large scale temporary artwork. Take advantage of the longer days as we invite you to a host of Summer fun from a Roman’s Big Birthday Bash to sunset evening music performances. Take the family to a fun filled country fete or join your friends for a weekend walking festival. As Autumn and Winter draw in again visit illuminated gardens, antiquarian fayres and finish in true Roman style with Festival of Saturnalia.