Dune Rats

This Brisbane-based threesome performs its own take on the pop-punk genre.


No-frills is pretty much Dune Rats’ motto: this is punk rock at its most instantly disarming and infectiously high-spirited. This is a ‘skateboarding in the daytime, drinking through the night’ kinda soundtrack.

Underneath the four-day grime and long overdue haircuts of Dune Rats’ exterior, however, lies a wonderful beach-pop bounce. Their self-titled record was recorded in just over a week after being inspired by a letter they read from Steve Albini to Nirvana pre-In Utero. That energy worms its way into songs crammed full of melodies that drive their way into your consciousness, all the while sitting comfortably alongside the riff-fuelled mania of their more fast-paced cuts.


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly
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04/04 2023 7:00pm
Exchange 72-73 Old Market Street BRISTOL
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