Dick Whittington - Purrfect Family Pantomime Paved with Gold!


Join us for a magical pantomime adventure with ‘Dick Whittington’!

Young Richard Whittington is on his way to Brinkburg, where he has heard the streets are paved with gold, in hope of one day becoming Lord Mayor. He gets a job at Alderman Fitzwarren's bakery - For Goodness Cakes - where he meets Dame Mona Lot and Dan Druff. But on the look-out and hoping to steal the throne for himself is evil King Rat who aims to take over the world in a wicked bid of revenge.

Can Dick prevent the villainous vermin from scavenging the town? Where can Fairy Liquid come in and help? Will Ritz the Cat sniff out the purrfect spot to hide? And just how will Captain Von Trash navigate The Shields Ferry towards the Islands of Lost Fortune?


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21/12 2024 2:00pm
Brinkburn Community Association McAnany Avenue SOUTH SHIELDS
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