D IS T A N C E D 3: Ash McNaughton & Magda Tuka with support from 'O P A E A N'

Performance art pieces by Ash McNaughton and Magda Tuka, centred around notions of endurance, repetition and the relationship between body and space.
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Please join us for our first post lockdown event and help support performance art.... 'D I S T A N C E D' is a series of live events born out of necessity. It's motivated by a desire to support performance art, artists and audiences in London at this challenging time. 'D I S T A N C E D' provides a safe supportive inclusive environment for diverse performers and audiences. It encourages intergenerational dialogue by working with emergent, mid career and established artists. It doesn't impose curatorial themes. It simply works with a set of precautions designed to limit the risk of infection. ASH MCNAUGHTON Their practice is a process-led exploration of materials, gesture, movement, and sound. Site-responsive, durational, and ritualistic in nature; Ash implements methods of endurance, repetition, and resistance to access altered states of being while reaching out into the spaces in-between. Their actions encourage a synergetic exchange between their physical, psychological, and spiritual body and the environments they inhabit. This practice is an attempt to articulate that which escapes us. A poetics of a fluid presence in a fixed world. MAGDA TUKA – With support from ‘O P A E A N’ My practice is rooted in Jerzy Grotowski’s notion of Art as vehicle. I began my career working for ten years full time as an actor in the Warsaw-based Studium Teatralne company of Piotr Borowski, a long-term associate of Grotowski during his late Pontedera phase. For me, the essence of this formative work was in its physical training. A rigorous investigation into the relationship between the body and space, between precision, improvisation and intuition; the aim, a creative onstage existence, a continual search, on a moment by moment basis, for what and where the performer’s attention is. Visit our website for more information.


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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