Clara Bow By Michael Druxman


This is a one woman play of the tragic, comic tale of another of Hollywood’s victims, Clara Bow. It is being performed in our studio space.

Clara, in her late 50’s, is reminiscing about her life. She was the American silent movie ‘IT’ girl, sex goddess star from Brooklyn. ” A sex symbol is a heavy load to carry when one is tired, hurt and bewildered…” – Clara Bow. Clara was the star of WINGS, the first film to win the Best Picture Oscar.

In many ways Clara’s unhappy life paralleled that of her successor, Marilyn Monroe. She was also a long time victim of insomnia. The play has Ms Bow lying awake on the morning of her estranged husband’s funeral, and painfully remembering the mentally ill mother who once tried to kill her; her career as the ultimate ‘Flapper’ in the ’20s’; her many nervous breakdowns and her affairs with the likes of Gary Cooper, Gilbert Roland, director Victor Fleming, and according to rumour, the USC football team.

(includes some sexual references)

Director Paul Barrass

Tickets are limited to 50.


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08/12 2022 7:45pm
Market Harborough Theatre Church Square MARKET HARBOROUGH
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