Charity Garden Opening - Old Allangrange


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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08/12 2022 12:00am
Old Allangrange MUNLOCHY
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The original garden surrounds an 18th-century orange lime-washed house. There is a formalish parterre in front of the house with loose planting in the individual beds, a terrace garden, lime pom pom bed planted with roses, herb garden, mound, orchard, all linked with various styles of hedges - pleached lime, yew, beech, box, holly, mixed. Recently we have started to remove perimeter wire fences and replace them with log walls and brash hedges. The hedges are treated with different degrees of formality. There is a five-acre organic vegetable garden laid out in a Triskele form, with two polytunnels. We use a no-dig system of cultivation within a permaculture design. We will also run workshops on all matters horticultural starting from Jan 22. Champion Trees: Yew and sweet chestnut

This is a fundraising event for the open garden charity Scotland’s Gardens Scheme which raises money for hundreds of local charities.