Eyes down and look in for a Royal Court comedy with a big difference. Not only is it packed with 80s’ hits but there are three play-along bingo games with the chance for the audience to win £150 at every performance!

Arthur has been running Bingo Star for the last fifty years. People might talk about change but he likes things just as they are thank you very much. They perfected bingo in the fifties and music in the eighties so there is nothing more to be done.

Arthur’s family and friends know that the club is in trouble but, as if in answer to their prayers, a man from the council arrives with plans for a brand new shopping centre to be built right outside. The future is looking bright, what could possibly go wrong?

Dampen your dabbers, keep an eye on your balls and get ready for a brilliant night out. Book soon it’s going to be a full house!

Written by Iain Christie Directed by Emma Bird

Age advisory 14+ (some strong language)


Enjoy code: 811377
Target groups
Elderly, Adult, Youth
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16/03 2023 kl 20:00
Royal Court Liverpool 1 Roe Street LIVERPOOL
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