Binderella Written & Directed by Jo Ord and Lisa Ray

Binderella has had it tough lately. Knobs, her beloved family robot blew up, her father has been absent for years, presumed lost in space, and her stepmother and stepsisters despise her. Her only real friends are the bin people at the local Refuse Incineration Centre. But perhaps her luck is about to change; the Prince is throwing a ball at the Palace, all Binderella needs to do is to find a way to get in and to persuade the Prince to change the way Paradise City is run. Surely that shouldn't be too difficult! A modern spin on an old classic Binderella has all you would expect form an Archway pantomime: jokes, catchy songs, and plenty of audience participation too (oh yes there is...). Book early to avoid disappointment!


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14/01 2023 2:00pm
Archway Theatre The Drive HORLEY
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