Bessie, At Midnight Alone

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Bessie is a harlot, waiting outdoors for a late client. Derek Martin’s richly-written script jumps around the centuries, not fixed in any particular time period. Packed with tense drama and fiery Northern wit, Bessie engages with the audience, has conversations with various characters from her past, and undergoes a transformation in her understanding of her world, with a blazing kick at the end. It stars Janelle Thompson, a Lancashire-based actor who has numerous credits including “Emmerdale.” Fresh from successful seasons at Buxton Fringe Festival, Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, and Birmingham Fest, where the show won “Best Newcomer” for Janelle Thompson, Blue Masque Theatre is bringing extra performances to Preston and Wigan in November 2022. Blue Masque Theatre is focused on three strands of theatre: classical women, speculative fiction, and comedy. The company has previously been nominated for several other awards, including at Edinburgh Fringe and Greater Manchester Fringe, and is based in Manchester. Actor: Janelle Thompson. Playwright: Derek Martin. Director: Rhonwen McCormack. Sound Designer: Leni Murphy. Costume: Zoey Barnes. Photography: Michelle Mahoney & Shay Rowan.


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