Beauty and the Beast


Be our guest at Hereford’s biggest family pantomime… The Courtyard is back with a BEAST of a show!

The stage is set for magic and monstrous fun, as this famous fairy tale is brought to life.

After Beauty finds herself imprisoned by a mysterious beast in an enchanted castle, there is little hope that our heroine will ever be reunited with her devoted father.

But unbeknown to her, the beast is secretly a handsome prince under an evil curse. Only by changing his selfish ways and finding true love can he ever hope to break the spell.

Will the Beast learn his lesson before the last rose petal falls? Will Beauty ever get back home? There’s only one way to find out!

Packed with colourful characters, glittering costumes, magnificent musical numbers and plenty of panto humour, Beauty and the Beast is the traditional family pantomime that will leave you spellbound!


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14/12 2022 12:00am
The Courtyard Edgar Street HEREFORD
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