Barefoot in the Park

Neil Simon's classic 60s comedy about strait-laced Paul, whose marriage to fun-loving Corrie has turned to comical discord, while Corrie's sweetly conventional mother tries to fend off the...
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When newly-weds Corrie and Paul Bratter move into their freezing apartment in New York, free-spirited Corrie is effervescent at the thought of home-making. Paul however, is a strait-laced lawyer more interested in his burgeoning career. When their bohemian new neighbour drops in, Corrie tries to pair him off with her lonely mother, which ironically exposes cracks in the Bratter's own marriage.

Barefoot in the Park is one of over 30 plays written by Neil Simon and it exploded on to Broadway in 1963, running for over 1500 performances. It was subsequently made into the highly successful 1967 film starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.

There are of course lessons to be learned, and as the play unravels, our characters reveal that the secret of a successful relationship lies in compromise and being open to change. If only all conflicts could be resolved by walking ‘barefoot in the park'.


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