Ballater Highland Games

Traditional Highland games with piping and track events as well as trade stands and a funfair. The event is part of the Glenfiddich Heavy Events Championship and the Grampian Games Qualifying...


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Outdoor activity
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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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11/08 2022 10:00am
Monaltrie Park BALLATER AB35 5RG
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Ballater Highland Games, the friendly games on Upper Deeside, take place on the second Thursday in August every year and have done so for over 150 years. These are traditional Highland Games where you will be able to see highland dancing competitions, heavy events like tossing the caber, weight over the bar ( 56kg weight thrown 18 ft over a bar!) and the hammer. There are athletic events too, races for all ages, as well as a hill race, long jump and tug owar. A spectacle never to be missed is the massed pipe bands where 5 or 6 bands march around the arena, a sound that is unforgettable. There are stalls serving refreshments, a beer tent, trade stands selling craft wear and a local history display. A great day out for all of the family at the Monaltrie Park in Ballater, Royal Deeside AB35 5RG at the very Heart of the Cairngorms. Book your ticket today!