Artist Studio | Alice Dansey-Wright

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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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Over the last 5 years Alice Dansey-Wright has been an associate artist working with Platform, looking at different approaches to working with our Taking Part groups, whilst exploring where fine art meets craft and design.

Artist Studio is a culmination of Alice's journey with the community at Platform, celebrating all aspects of work created together with young people and adults. The title, Artist Studio, comes from a project that Alice designed whilst working online with the groups, responding to the ongoing limitations and impact that Covid-19 had on our lives, exploring ideas and concepts of an artist studio, in particular, how one can be established at home.

The exhibition is site-specific, with artworks located across the building where large scale paintings, a miniature studio and collaborative artworks will be displayed alongside a new text response to the exhibition by Rhona Warwick Paterson.