The Vivian Line (out Feb 2023) is the 17th album entry in Ron Sexsmith’s compelling discography, one matched by very few contemporary singer/songwriters. His catalogue has earned him immense peer respect and a loyal international following, and this new release (out on Warner Music Canada/Cooking Vinyl in February 2023) captures Ron at the top of his creative game. These new songs all flowed from Sexsmith’s fertile musical and lyrical imagination in a short period of 2021 during covid. “The songs came out of nowhere,” Ron explains. “I wasn’t really writing after the [2020] release of my previous album,Hermitage. The older I get, the more I think ‘maybe this is it,’ but then I find myself with new ideas again and got excited."


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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13/05 2023 7:30pm
Upper Chapel Norfolk Street SHEFFIELD
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