Adventures of Captain Calamity


The Adventures of Captain Calamity

From the moment Captain Calamity and Crew fly in from The Lollipop Lighthouse in Chocolate Button bay; the craziness bursts onto the stage. This is a wild mix of magic and mayhem like no other!

Expect 60 minutes of jaw dropping family fun and insanity featuring baffling balloon bursting, beautiful bubbles, silly science, gigglesome games, cheeky tunes, one or two custard pies and enough craziness to send you into a fits of giggles before the curtain comes crashing down.

Don't miss this symphony of disaster conducted by a very smelly dragon, a mad scientist, a travelling musical storyteller, a Rag Dolly with the voice of an angel and the biggest baffoon of all; Guinness World Record Breaking Captain Calamity!

If you want to know what all the fuss is about then check out Captain Calamity's very own YouTube Channel [].

Ideal for families and children of all ages.

Suitable for all ages. Approx 60 mins. Doors open 1:30pm, show begins at 2pm, Cafe available.


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08/10 2022 2:00pm
Henderson Hall High Street ABBOTS LANGLEY
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