A Show, A Sip and Supper – A New Life


A Show, A Sip and Supper!

Join us in our theatre studio to enjoy this hilarious musical comedy with a drink and a pie included in the price. Chose from a wine, beer , soft drink and a meat pie or vegetarian option.

Sleeping Warrior Theatre in association with the Beacon Arts Centre and Cumbernauld Theatre present

A New Life by Andy McGregor

Designed by Kenny Miller

Robbie and Jess are living the life. He's a successful computer programmer and she is on her way to being a headteacher. Until, totally out of the blue, Jess discovers she is pregnant.

They'll be fine. It's just a baby. I mean...how disruptive to their metropolitan, 21st century lives can that be?

They. Have. No. Idea.

A heart-felt, surreal and truthful musical comedy from the creator of Spuds that may or may not feature a tap-dancing baby…


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Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult
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09/10 2022 7:00pm
FTH Theatre West Bridge Street FALKIRK
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