12 Days of Christmas! PANTO!


The 12 days of Christmas is a magical family experience full of laughter, love and all the traditional panto favourites.

Only 12 days until Christmas and the village of Dimply Bottom are presented with the most magnificent advent calander you have ever seen.

The keys to unlock each door are to be delivered by me!! Santa Clause himself!! However, they were lost on journey!!

Embark on a magical family adventure from the ice caps of the north pole to the streets of london and everywhere in between as Gertie gusset and the team set off to find the magical keys, and unlock the giant advent calander in time for the spectacular Christmas ball.

Magical, fun filled and all things christmas. The twelve days of christmas will set the mood for the festive season.

The most magical Pantomime you will ever experience.

love Santa xx


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10/12 2022 2:00pm
The Library Theatre Central Library Tudor Square SHEFFIELD
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